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Harley was born at Holweit Kennels in Rockwood, Ontario and came to our home at thirteen weeks. He promptly took over the house and is running it to his satisfaction. He is unusually big for a Wheatie weighing in at 55 pounds. Harley is the most gentle of dogs and loves everybody and anybody.
I'm not really asleep!

I'm not asleep, just resting my eyes!

“Hi, I’m just catching a few winks and contemplating what trouble I can possibly come up with. So much to do, so little time, ah, what’s a boy gon’na do. Let see, I ate all the remote controls, bit every corner off the carpets, chewed the door stops off the wall, gnawed on the vertical blinds, oh look at that! Is that a Mont Blanc pen on the floor? It must be for me, why else would it be there. Uumh, no one will miss it.”


“I love my Kong, just fill it up with a Dentabone and oh,yeah don’t forget the cheese, eh!”

“You know what they say, a kong or two a day, keeps you in my good books.”

“Yes, sir that’s me in my PT Cruiser, Summer Cruzin, getting as much fresh air as I can”

“Harley Alstom’s July 2007 Calendar Boy.”

“I don’t have my drivers license yet but I’m working on it” “Jeez it’s great to be a dog, eat, drink, sleep, and did I mention sleep.?”

I love my mom and I wrote a special card for her on Mother’s day in the Sand

Love Leteers in the Sand